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Portable Neck Fan

Portable Neck Fan

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Multi-Vent Design:Every part is designed in pursuit of reproducing natural breeze. Built with a 270-degree air supply angle, allowing up to 78 air outlets to deliver more coolness around your neck.

✔ Air Volume Level 3: Weak wind > Natural wind > Strong wind.


✔ Dual-Turbine Motor:The double structure turbine motor ensures energy-efficient yet with a powerful flow, it's designed to circulate air more quickly from 4 air inlets without needing the use of extra power.

✔ Wingless Design:You don't have to worry about hair being caught by fan blades.


✔ Running Time:Equipped with 4000 mAh battery, the battery life is approx 16 hours.


✔ Half-closed Air Inlet Design: Dust and sweat proof.


Our products have passed a number of safety certifications, the battery capacity is the real battery life, and false battery capacity is rejected. Please pay attention to purchasing products from brands that are safe, reliable and comfortable to use. Provide protection for ideal and comfortable life.


Why choose our neck fan?

  • Say "No" to the muggy weather and the sticky skin from sweating

  • The neck fan has a 360° wrap-around blowing, strong and soft wind, and adjustable wind speed to meet the needs of different gears to cool down in all directions, avoiding the lack of traditional fans, which cannot effectively cool down, and the discomfort of blowing only on the face.

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