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Anxiety Relief Chill Pill

Anxiety Relief Chill Pill

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Ease Your Mind

- Through electric impulses, the brainchill eases your mind into a deeper state, making it focus on what matters.

- Having a clear state of mind enhances memory, real emotions, less tension + stress, and better days.

- For those with ADHD, this will enhance both focus and creativity, without taking those nasty medications.

✅ Helps relive Anxiety
✅ Assists in Sleeping (Fall asleep quicker)
✅ Helps fight Panic Attacks
✅ Enhances Focus

How Does it Work?

- With Electrotherapy Simulation, the device sends gentle, electric currents to your neurotransmitters changing the state of vibration to a calmer state.

- Don't worry! It is 100% safe and effective, and is used in the medical field all of the time.

High Quality

- The case is made with a thick body of certified Stainless Steel, the heavy duty silicone case feels great in the hand and absorbs any pressure.

- 500 mAh battery that lasts up to 20 hours! Once it's out of juice, just plug it in using the USB charger it comes with!


  • 1x Anxiety Relief Device
  • 1x Cover Case
  • 1x Charger

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