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Elastic shopping bag

Elastic shopping bag

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Stop worrying about ripped grocery bags or over packing them ever again! With our  Elastic shopping bag we just made shopping functional and fashionable!

✅Lightweight & Easy to Carry: Light in weight making it easy to fold and place in your handbags, purse, pockets, or car so you never forget it when its needed!

✅Tear-Resistant Material: Our bag is made of high density, strong bearing material, making it perfect for those over stuffed heavy grocery hauls.

✅Large Capacity & Durability: Made of polyester, 14x more durable than a normal grocery bag, and can hold up to 22lbs! Fear no more about putting your water, milk, canned goods, and vegetables all in 1 bag, because now you can!

✅Easy to Clean: Our washing machine friendly bags save time, in case of any spilled food or drinks, simply throw your bag into the washing machine with cold water and air dry!

 Make your shopping trip easy and enjoyable.

✔️Handle all storage needs with ease and save your time! Refuse plastic and protect our beautiful planet!

✔️Environmentally friendly, harmless and odorless

✔️Beautiful and space-saving


  • 1x Elastic shopping bag

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